Angled Bob Haircut 40 Looks For 20160281

Angled Bob Haircut: 40 Looks For 2016

Bobbed haircut is a classic that has earned its status as a classic hairstyle the old fashioned way. it has stood the test of time, it has withstood the attack of different kinds of hair and still managed to evolve in many ways to become a power to reckon in the world of haircuts and

Simple and Sexy Korean Fashion Looks0021

40 Simple And Sexy Korean Fashion Looks

We don’t mean to sound narrow minded or racist, but the fact that different races have a different look about them and this affects the way they look at fashion. The thing is the color of the skin, the hue of the eyes, the type of hair, the body type and the overall bone structure

mock neck dress 4

Magnificent And Versatile Mock Neck Dress

Do you (like many women around the world) sometimes wake up sweating and restless at night wondering what would happen if the fashion world became stagnant? We are sure most of us have these thoughts though not so dramatically as we have described it but this thought would nevertheless strike us. But we have some

long sleeved dresses 10

Lovely Long sleeved dresses for lots of comfort

Dressing for comfort while looking good is a dream that most of us would wish for and there are very outfit options in which this is true. But a long-sleeved dress is something that does fall into this category. No matter what your reservation is like unshaved arms, flabby arms, batwing arms or for that