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Mommy Fashions To Make You Feel And Look Great

When a woman gets pregnant, her whole world changes and there is no doubt at all that this affects every aspect of her life. As the pregnancy advances, her body changes to accommodate the life growing within her. This means that her body expands in terms of her tummy area and this affects other parts

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The Color Of The Season Is Burgundy

What do you have to say about a color that is deep, yet not dull, rich yet sober and suits girls and women with most kinds of coloring? Yes, we are talking about the delightful shade that is called burgundy. Though officially falling under the red palette, it is not a shade that is exactly

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Know About Geek Chic Fashion

Geek, chic and fashion these are not words that you would expect to hear in the same sentence but it is true and it is apt too. What? Yes today thanks to the connected world, emphasis on technology and the “Big Bang Theory’ (at least in part), geeks seem to rule. If they have a