40 Lovely Asian Street Style Looks

Even though styles have changed over the years, street fashion has not disappeared into oblivion. While many might find it a tad avant-garde or quirky, the mix of local and foreign labels make Asian (Korean) style quite a hit in the fashion fraternity. Inspired by their favorite celebs or just watching others adorn the same,

Flirty Party Outfits for Girls (3)

40 Flirty Party Outfits For Girls

Flirting and parties seem to go together just like other ideal pairings like eggs and bacon. Knowing that there should be no hesitation in our mind, when we consider party outfits for girls, there is going to be a flirty element to them. That is why sensual backless dresses for you are all in as


40 Arresting Blue Outfits For Men

Just like women, men too find deep interest in looking sexy and attractive as to be more approachable for his girl. In fact, fashion has turn out several dress ups for men that are in common with women. Nowadays, styling is not a slave of gender as it totally depends upon individual’s choice of dressing

Cool Men's Looks Wearing Glasses  (33)

40 Cool Men’s Looks Wearing Glasses

When it comes to men’s fashions, we often hear women say that men have it easy and when it comes to women’s fashions, men are often heard saying that it is not fair that they have too much choice. However, this gap between the number of choices available to men and women is narrowing and

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (22)

30 Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls

The common mistake that most women or girls make is the assumption that fashion is only meant for special occasions or for models and actors who are in the limelight. The fact is fashion is something that is meant for everyday use and this means even cheerful everyday look hairstyles can be fashionable and fun

maternity fashion 4

Dress Right During Pregnancy – Maternity Fashions

Most women face the news of being pregnant with a feeling of anticipation especially when it is something that you have been longing for. Pregnancy can be a joyful period in your life that can leave you feeling stronger, confident as well as moody and delicate at the same time. Pregnancy also bring along with

Cool and Easy Road Trip Outfits (44)

40 Cool and Easy Road Trip Outfits

What does a road trip mean to you? To most of you, it is the chance to have an adventure of a lifetime with no thought to following a particular plan or course of action. While you are out enjoying a road trip, you may not want to get embroiled in packing too many clothes