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Pretty And Perfect Printed Silk Dresses

When it comes to silk dresses, we tend to think in terms of plain dresses that are sharply cut to look as if the wearer has been literally sewn into it. The idea is a sensuous and sleek dress that has a subtle sheen that ensures that people feel that the dress was expensive, which

40 Business Women Pencil Skirt Outfits For 20160111

40 Business Women Pencil Skirt Outfits For 2016

When a woman is out on work or business, the idea is that she goes for power dressing. By power dressing, it literally means that she gets to draw power from the way she is dressed, feels confident and attractive at the same time. That is why formal wear goes for power and confidence first

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How To Take A Pouty Face Selfie Like A Model

When you look at photos of models online, you realize that they seem to have the pout down pat. It goes without saying that models are known for their lovely bone structure and the shape of their face. They seem to not only be able to get themselves clicked in fabulous pictures, but also seem