Dynamic Men's Hairstyles Works with Suits (33)

30 Dynamic Men’s Hairstyles Works With Suits

Does a hairstyle make a man? Or is it the other way around? One cannot really say the order in which it works but the hairstyle that man has will have to work with the clothes he wears. That is why there are some specific men’s hairstyles that work with suits. There are haircuts for


Sweet Kimono Chic Outfit Ideas  (35)

40 Sweet Kimono Chic Outfit Ideas

What is a kimono? A Kimono is a Japanese styled outfit that is styled to have flowing sleeves and an easy comfort when you wear it that can be styled to be warm or cool depending on the fabric out of which it is made out of. You need to know about kimono style dresses

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frilly dresses 9

How To Rock The Frilly Dress? Find Out More

We generally associate frills with something silly or over the top, but believe us frills can be sexy too when you know how to do it. In addition, we are not just talking about cutesy babies or slender teenagers but also about grown women. Just think about it; do you think a feature like frills


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What To Wear To A Wedding? Read On To Know More About This!

Weddings are that special occasion when a couple decides to make their commitment to each other public and when you are invited to one, you are left with a lot of feelings. While the bride has, her own set of thoughts and preparations like romantic lighting ideas for weddings and what elements to pick from


cannes film festival dresses 50

Cannes Film Festival Dresses – Find The Fashion Sense Behind This

What can we say about fashion during the Cannes film festival? The whole display of female pulchritude, grace, elegance and style that is displayed during this time period is something that words cannot describe. However, we will definitely try as the role of fashion is really worthy of being noted in this jewel like period.



40 Cute Teen Fashion Selfie Girls of 2015

Selfie means taking picture of your own usually by yourself. The word ‘Selfie’ has become very popular now-a-days. Selfies have become extremely advanced and modernized. We can take as many selfies pictures we want and can later on upload them on various websites. Selfies are usually self-serving pictures. Selfies are the best way to let


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25 Sad Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

A long distance relationship or a misunderstanding with your boyfriend or some other sad situation can leave you feeling bereft and lonely. This can make you feel, as it is the end of all good things and the beginning of bad things. At such times, having some worthy words to express what you feel can

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10 Best Fashion Schools Across Europe

The fashion industry in spite of its outwardly appearance of being colorful and almost frivolous is quite a competitive. If you want a foothold in this industry then you should have the right support and in this case it means a degree from the right fashion school. If you are concerned about finding the right


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Fashion Trends That Have The Influence Of South America

Fashion can never exist in isolation, as it is the many influences that fashion draws from that makes it so fascinating and keeps it from stagnating. That is why it should not surprise you at all to know that many cultures have left their imprint on the world of fashion. In fact, when you look

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spring cleaning closet 1

Spring Cleaning To Keep Your Closet Up To Date

When it comes to our closets, we often push certain garments to the back in the hope that our favorite garment will be back in style as fashions are wont to do. While this seems to make a lot of sense, one can go too far and this could mean that your closet is full