20 Sexiest Movies to Watch With Your Crush

They say that movies are a world removed from reality but there are some who argue with that. No matter what you say about movies, we all have to agree that they have an influence on our lives even if you are not conscious of it making a difference. It is because there is something

40 Viral Outfits With Adidas Shoes

Adidas shoes are by their very definition sports or casual shoes that are designed to ensure an active lifestyle. They enable easy movement and ensure that you can be quickly on the move without sacrificing your comfort at all. The one thing that Adidas shoes do not have is too much heel (in most instances)

Naughty And Nice – Above Knee Dresses

They say the hemline is an indicator of the economic health of a certain era with it going up when the economy has slowed down and going down when good times are around economically speaking. However, the fact is today hemlines are not truly ruled by economics though they may be subject to the vagaries

Trash Polka Cute Tattoo Designs

20+ Trash Polka Cute Tattoo Designs

Do you want to have something exclusive to be drawn on your body? If yeah, then try trash polka tattoo and enjoy your life. This kind of tattoo can be considered to be a real art because the technique of drawing is rather different. Mainly two colors are used when such a tattoo is being

Daring But Also Demure Derby Dressing

We don’t know whether you have fessed up about this but this is what we think. It is that most girls and women would probably shock the boys and men in their lives when they confess what they really look more at what other women are wearing than the actual proceedings when they are at